Part Worn Tyres

We do not supply Part worn Tyres.

They may seem like a cheap alternative, especially if your car has seen better days, however part worn tyres are a potential accident in the making. Tyres are essential in keeping you and other road users safe.

Potential dangers lurk within the internal structure of a used tyre and it is impossible to tell what unseen damage may have occurred as they have often been in contact with kerbs or been run with the wrong air pressure.

Most part worn tyres are imported, mainly coming from Europe, with many coming from Germany where the legal minimum tread depth is 3mm. The tyres are typically sold with around 50% of the original tread depth.



Regulations in other European countries require tyres to be changed when they have 3mm of tread depth on them, 1.4mm more than the UK. Additionally, in many European countries, there is a legal requirement to change from Summer to Winter Tyres. Many of the tyres removed have 3mm to 6mm of tread depth left on them, and it is mostly uneconomic to store these over the winter period and then to refit. Many of these tyres find their way to the UK to be resold as part worn tyres. It is often the case that many people are unaware that they have bought a winter tyre which is not suitable for their vehicle when fitted alongside their summer tyres.

Scrap Yards

Tyres are removed from old or written off vehicle, which are sold for scrap. When tyres are
removed from these vehicles they are often recycled back into the tyre market as part worn tyres.


Reputable tyre fitters, like us, drill and store used tyres that have been removed from vehicles. These Tyres are then transferred for disposal through environmentally friendly ways. The disposal sites are often broken into and tyres get removed for potential resale, hence the need to drill the tyres before transfer.

It is estimated that 3.5million part worn tyres are sold in the UK every year!